also on mit admissions in april my friend recommended the excellent article becoming a magician Not only is any sufficiently advanced technology indistinguishable from magic; any sufficiently advanced technologist seems like a magician…Even though he placed first and I placed fifth and logically we both existed on a scale of ‘competence at bodypainting’ it seemed … Continue reading magicians

summer update v

i didn’t think i would end up making 5 summer update posts, but here we are i read order without design! it was a good introduction to the relationship between markets and cities, discussing how different approaches to urban planning often fail because they don’t align with market forces, eg. regulating maximum building height or … Continue reading summer update v

sharp and soft

also posted on mit admissions in my favorite naruto scene, a samurai and a ninja charge at each other. everyone expects their blades to collide in midair, but instead, this is the result: the samurai’s sword (left) slashes straight through the ninja’s sword (right) and breaks it in half. then the samurai says something along … Continue reading sharp and soft

summer update iii

i visited corona heights park with a friend and it might be my new favorite or second-favorite spot in sf! (previously the undisputed favorite was yerba buena gardens.) it’s very accessible, has nice rocky/sandy colors, and the views are great - sort of like twin peaks but better in my opinion, because it’s noticeably closer … Continue reading summer update iii